The psychology of color means different colors have different effects on people. This makes color a vital factor in your branding. Learn to optimize it!

The Psychology of Color and Your Brand: Infographic

When it comes to the way a brand presents itself to the world, there are no accidents. In most cases, every logo and talking point is carefully considered, ruthlessly focus-grouped, and closely analyzed before it’s presented to the public.

seven summits. by audree lapierre of ffunction.

Infographic of the Day: The World’s Most Imposing Mountain Peaks

seven summits. by audree lapierre of ffunction. This is a innovative idea to incorporate images of the mountains in these triangles.

Simple infographic that dissects the different layers of a coffee cup.

mkn design Michael Nÿkamp (Designspiration - Everyone RSS Feed)

Cucumbers and Melons Infographics | #Infographics

Cucumbers and Melons Infographics by Proximity, Madrid, Spain in cooperation with the non-profit organisation Club de Creativos.

vintage social networking

What Social Networking Looks Like in Real Life. Do you remember what life was like before social media? vintage social networking March 2013 by Wrong Hands

terrifying 7 minute landing.

This infographic depicts the suspenseful 7 minutes it takes for Curiosity (Mars Science Laboratory) to get from the top of Mars' atmosphere to its surface. Represented are the Entry, Descent and Landing phases, often referred to simply as "EDL" by JPL.

Guide to Mixing the Best Cocktails  #cocktails

Funny pictures about Kitchen cheat sheet. Oh, and cool pics about Kitchen cheat sheet. Also, Kitchen cheat sheet.



A Big Eye on the Sky

Today we published this graphic. Its about a 500 meter telescope. it will take over as the biggest telescope in the world at least until the Skat is b

spotlight on pinterest

7 Social Media Trends for Consumers: New Research

Social media trends: Find out what the changing social trends for consumers are and what marketers need to do to keep up with customer expectations.