Sweet Sock Art: This memento from your tot's early days will help you remember her tee'y tiny tootsies long after she's graduated to shoes.

Fun for Little Ones

This idea for all of those sweet little sox from our friends at Family Fun magazine, commemorates your tot's early days. You'll be able to remember her teeny tootsies long after she or he has graduated to shoes. (Aren’t baby feet the cutest?

Pinned said: nice crochet pattern! also usable for other projects!

FUTAGAMI カトラリーレスト「流星」

Daily Latest Design: Designer Masanori Oji Teams Up With Ancient Japanese Brass Foundry to Create Beautiful Products

POLAR ICE ポーラーアイス/モノス(monos)ペンギンさんとシロクマさんの可愛らしい製氷器です

Turn your glass into a mini Antarctica with this ice cube maker that creates polar bear and penguin shaped ice that will float in your drink

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