Cool bunk beds

Ideas for tiny house sleeping. I can't do ladders but these small steps would be great - {Interiors} Top 10 coolest kids bunk beds

Linen Closet: Roll with It. Save space in a shallow linen closet by rolling up towels instead of folding them. Put lost space to use by installing towel racks on the back of the door to hang wrinkle-susceptible linens, such as tablecloths.

Choose Closet Storage That Grows

Organize Your Child's Closet With These Kid-Friendly Ideas

Kid's closets need flexible storage that's capable of changing along with their needs. Explore these storage tips and organization ideas for kid's closets.

simple ways to increase the value of your home

15 DIY Projects to Increase Your Home Value

Easy Custom Closet Idea : add a few Ikea shelves and shower curtain rods! Easy Custom Closet Idea : add a few Ikea shelves and shower curtain rods!

Great idea for the new "cleaning" closet

Project: Pantry Reveal & 10 Tips for an Organized Pantry - Everyday Enchanting. I have to do this in my kitchen!



WOOD PALLET FLOOR - I would love to take the wood from my parent's grainery and do antique floors

Pallet Wood Floor - Do you like wooden floors but need an reasonable answer that won't charge you thousands of dollars? Pallet flooring is the best solution!さんの、キッチン,キッチンカウンター,のお部屋写真

カウンター下収納/カウンターの高さはこだわりの68㎝/キッチンカウンター/Kitchen…などのインテリア実例 -2017-02-24 21:19:02



Turn basic IKEA cabinets and dressers into multi-functional platform beds: you get both beds and storage in the same footprint.

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Shoe storage a must.Concepts in wardrobe design. Storage ideas, hardware for wardrobes, sliding wardrobe doors, modern wardrobes, traditional armoires and walk-in wardrobes. Closet design and dressing room ideas.


homedesigning: “ (via 2 Simple, Super Beautiful Studio Apartment Concepts For A Young Couple [Includes Floor Plans]) ”


子供部屋/TRICOT照明/北欧好き/平屋暮らし/注文住宅/IKEA…などのインテリア実例 -2016-09-15 13:56:59


[画像] 壁にもポスターにも穴を空けない貼り方に28万いいね!

[画像] 壁にもポスターにも穴を空けない貼り方に28万いいね!