Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

A Coca-Cola vending machine is transformed into a happiness machine delivering "doses" of happiness. Where will happiness strike next? Find out 10 things yo.

Spectacular Coca-Cola 3D 125th Anniversary Illumination

We're celebrating our 125 birthday in style. We've got a spectacular building illumination featuring some of the most amazing Coca-Cola moments of the past 125 years.


Coca-Cola Summer Love 2011 in Israel - allowed people to integrate their real life experiences with social media using FaceLook - where participants could post comments and pictures to their FB walls using face recognition technology.


Coca-Cola: The wallet of happiness


Coca-Cola: Santa Claus surprises the passengers of a commercial flight

Happiness Store

A convenience store is converted into a happiness store, delivering "doses" of happiness to unsuspecting shoppers. Where will happiness strike next?

コカ・コーラが新入生に無料配布した、“友達作りのきっかけ”になるペットボトル  |  AdGang

Leo Burnett Worldwide is a globally active advertising agency based in Chicago.

タイの人々を少しでも元気づけようと明るいニュースだけを街中に提供し続けた"A Million Reasons to Believe in Thailand"

A Million Reasons to Believe in Thailand - Campaign of the Year FOMA 2013

“カップルにしか見えない”コカ・コーラの自動販売機  |  AdGang

“カップルにしか見えない”コカ・コーラの自動販売機 | AdGang

“泣いた子供”の人数に応じて割引航空券をプレゼント!米LCCの「母の日」サプライズ | AdGang

“泣いた子供”の人数に応じて割引航空券をプレゼント!米LCCの「母の日」サプライズ | AdGang

平凡な日常をエキサイティングに盛りあげる『ゼロ』  |  AdGang

平凡な日常をエキサイティングに盛りあげる『ゼロ』 | AdGang

Guerrilla Sushi : caught raw, served fresh : Sample Distribution: Red Bull Airdrop

Traditional sampling techniques just don't cut it anymore. Red Bull recently launched a new guerrilla marketing campaign better known.

朝8時12分の気分で1日が決まる?! 英飲料メーカーの“幸せおすそ分け”PR「a BERRY good day…」 | AdGang

朝8時12分の気分で1日が決まる?! 英飲料メーカーの“幸せおすそ分け”PR「a BERRY good day…」 | AdGang

リアウィンドウの汚れを広告媒体に。競合車ドライバーのアテンションを獲得するJeepの試乗招待DM | AdGang

リアウィンドウの汚れを広告媒体に。競合車ドライバーのアテンションを獲得するJeepの試乗招待DM | AdGang