Seal, doing a barrel roll!

Seal, do a barrel roll!

Seal, do a barrel roll! - The Meta Picture. I like my baby seal with powdered sugar

Kitty gets the idea: Hugs to my friends, our pets, our heating pads, pain pills, and the few pain-free days we get to enjoy!


the message on the back of the cat says "I'm the one that flipped the captain's noodle lunch over.


The door was closed and I thought I heard you calling me. Just checking you're ok

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cat island tashirojima, Japan ♥more cats than the human population on this…


Japanese dog, shiba-inu 柴犬, is one of the most popular dogs in Japan.


Adventurous Hiking Cat Takes His Humans on a Journey They Never Expected - Love Meow


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* * " Shoore - accentuate me fatness wif dis get-up. Yoo too willz wears out 100 boots on yer way to Purrgatory!