FORMA︱ Logotype for Russian Student Industrial Design Contest, which was held during Innoprom exhibition in Yekaterinburg as part of Global Industrial Design Forum (GID)︱the project was done by 12 points in


そにー 次回1月インテ参加予定 on

石田製本株式会社のロゴマーク。 見ての通り、本を開いた断面が「ISHIDA」の文字を形どっています。 �


Jordan Surber- Logo/Logotype Based Design This logo design, though very simplistic gives an easy way for customers to know what they do. Ultimate Graphics Designs is your one stop shop for all your Graphics And Video Solutions!

ガーリー・キュートな紙面 : 優れた紙面デザイン ガーリー/キュート編 (表紙・フライヤー・レイアウト・チラシ) - NAVER まとめ

ガーリー・キュートな紙面 : 優れた紙面デザイン ガーリー/キュート編 (表紙・フライヤー・レイアウト・チラシ) - NAVER まとめ

スターバックスのロゴに裏側があった!? - Warehouse keeper

Little design humor. Love the tramp stamp. Very creative and humorous of the designer to give those of us who doesn't know what the Starbucks logo actually depicts, a little insight.



仙台冷し中華連盟 #ロゴ

仙台冷し中華連盟 #ロゴ

rogo art - Google 検索

Official Website of Kashiwa Sato : Art Director / Creative Director, Tokyo Japan.



Hidden message within your logo will not only “grab” viewer’s attention, but at the same time it’ll tell a lot about the company. Take a look at these 30 clever examples of negative space logos to see what we mean!