Rooftop garden

nice A very "Laura" patio! I would have my yard full of green and would never trim it.


Balcony 2 -- Article ideas / Terrace Ideas For Articles on Best of Modern Design - So many good things!

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Real Parque Loft is a stylish home designed by Diego Revollo. Completed in it is located in São Paulo, Brazil. Photos courtesy of Diego Revollo



Design porn - Black tile and oak wood kitchen from the September issue of Elle Home Decor UK


Paritally enclosed patio with cloth shades drawn. They also used pallets for their seating area.

「リノベーション」 「タイル」 「足場板カウンター」 「チェアハンモック」 「照明」...etcが写っているrenarionさんのインテリア実例写真を紹介します。2014-05-24 06:14:13に撮影されました。

リノベーション/タイル/足場板カウンター/チェアハンモック/照明/黒板…などのインテリア実例 -2014-05-24 15:14:13

「リノベーション」 「タイル」 「足場板カウンター」 「チェアハンモック」 「照明」...etcが写っているrenarionさんのインテリア実例写真を紹介します。2014-05-24 06:14:13に撮影されました。

what a cool patio.

Bright cushions, planters and lights make this area fun and festive and gives good examples of ideas you can incorporate into your own deck or backyard! This small deck with spa would be a great place to spend evenings enjoying the outdoors.

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Today we are going to talk about balcony decor ideas which can help you. The people who live in a small apartment with small balconies should maximize the use of balcony.

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