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Chinese Stealth Tech- many think China borrowed fighter technology. I also think it would be foolish not to use proven ideas. Plus if your designs can be taken the only main advantages are strategy and training. This where the majors have the edge.


Workhorses of the Army Air Force. The Flying Fortress and the Liberator.

F-20 Tigershark.

Northrop Tigershark (initially was a privately financed light fighter, designed and built by Northrop. Its development began in 1975 as a further evolution of Northrop's Tiger II.

F-35 Lightning II weapons load.

Internal weapons bay of the Lockheed-Martin Lightning II, the world's most advanced fighter aircraft. The tail does look a lot like a from WWII

Ahh..that sound..the sweetest melody I have ever know! Its says "Everything is gonna be alright"

What do you think this Awesome Warthog in Action / Firing the Dreaded Gatling Gun VS Humvee video? Warthogs from the Fighter Wing at

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