20 Incredible Pieces Of Shadow Art

shadow art kumi yamashita 41 Astounding Examples Of Shadow Art Saved on August 2012 am

Technology Makes the Sharing of Art Easier than Ever

How today's digital printing technology has opened new doors for artists and made art more accessible to the masses.

Google Celebrates Abraham Stoker With a Dracula Doodle

Bram Stoker’s Birthday лет со дня рождения Брэма Стокера] /This doodle was shown: /This is global doodle. It was shown for all countries

10 Incredible Designs to Draw Inspiration From #art

ART: Sliced Glass Paintings by Loren Stump Wild. Glasswork artist Loren Stump has been honing his skills at the art for over 40 years, but this glass loaf portrait piece may be his most amazing creation yet.

Google Celebrates Halloween With An Interactive Google Doodle

The search giant offers a spooky Halloween treat with its holiday-themed illustration and hidden easter egg.