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2 (Interior) This is the interior of a Japanese home because of the Tatami floor and the use of the wood throughout the space.

Tribeca Loft / Andrew Franz Architect © Albert Vecerka/Esto

Tribeca Loft / Andrew Franz Architect


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Amazing dark interior for a workspace. I love the chalkboard wall and the dark wood with black for a work space!

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本格和風とモダン和風~和美庵~ (ポウハウス(POHAUS))|和テイストを取り入れた家|建築実例|埼玉・千葉・東京の注文住宅ならポラス【POLUS】の注文住宅

本格和風とモダン和風~和美庵~ (ポウハウス(POHAUS))|和テイストを取り入れた家|建築実例|埼玉・千葉・東京の注文住宅ならポラス【POLUS】の注文住宅

Japanese architect Tadashi Yoshimura created a living room lined with mud during the renovation of this 200-year-old family house in Nara.

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