Absolutely LOVE this photo a well dressed man surfing!

Guy surfing in shorts, tie and blazer this cracks me up! Nothing like a day at the office to clear your head!

夏 ファッション メンズ 【アーバンサーフスタイル編】

夏 ファッション メンズ 【アーバンサーフスタイル編】

On 18 January Danilo Couto and Marcio Freire ended up being the first to surf Jaws Peahi paddling, surfing the wave to the left side. They did not have jetski assistance and utilized on their shorts and their surfboards.

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Surfing Wipeouts

A surfer named Sebastian Zietz, but more commonly known as Seabass, rides a huge wave on Hawaii's north shore and gets ejected high above the wave after wiping out

Maui - Hawaii ... (I will admire these waves from the beach!) ; ))

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