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My father did this for us when we were little and I do it for my own little ones now. Love it!

I don't like hotdogs but this is just cute - DIY Hot Dog Octopus and Crab

日本人のごはん/お弁当 Japanese meals/Bento 日本人のお弁当がメインだが, バッタもんが混じってるかもしれない;…Cooking Gallery, note to self a great bento website with lots of great Japanese and the other's bento recipes to try out!

Cooking Gallery, note to self a great bento website with lots of great Japanese, Korean and bento recipes to try out!

Japanese Style Lunch Bento

Traditional bento featuring mushroom Hamburg steak, gratin, wiener flower, and hard-boiled eggs.




ミニオンの卵焼き by shihossss at 2014-1-22


sponge bob bento

So cute Bob "Japanese bento" bento means lunch in Japanese.


Add some creativity to your breakfast with this flower shaped egg mold! A great and fun way to get kids to enjoy their food. Made from stainless steel these flower shaped egg molds are great for pancakes or as a cookie cutter too!



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