Business cards

Unique Letterpress - This is so fun,i love the logo with the person in the background. Kind of art deco.

Business Cards

more branding than packaging but love the natural look, letterpress but really it& about that rubber band!

Business Card // Art Direction & Design = Ren Takaya // Letter Press = Keibunsha // Client = Morisawa & Company Ltd., Koji Takeda *love border and thickness of main font



The Complete Guide for How to Marry Text and Images In Your Designs – Design School

Business Card Template. $21.50, via Etsy.

Business Card Template



Identity, exhibition poster, exhibition design and website designed for the Karsh Festival held at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa in at UniformExhibition organized in collaboration with Lupien Matteau Architects

一度見たら忘れられないインパクトのある個性的なデザインの名刺30枚 - GIGAZINE

Mug shot business card: Vintage Style Business Card. The Estúdio Triciclo loves to bring together typewriter script, old papers and experimental studies. This card has two fronts: one for each designer. Cards designed by Estudio Triciclo.

Hvass & Hannibal's identity for The Conference

Hvass & Hannibal's identity for The Conference logo corporate branding visual graphic identity design business card white photo


Female Character Meme: an antagonist - Alice Morgan (Luther) Innocence is a negative. It’s the absence of guilt. nice text/image interaction, grungey/peeled effect to give extra meaning/hide elements.