These are unique designs for Chinese New Year that are effective with the use of 2 colors, and similar patterns and type on each different piece.

For those who doesn't know what this festival is all about. It is a time in a year that families and friends would buy a special pastry call the moon cake and eat together. Not only that but we also celebrate by lighting up lant&

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Get info about how to textile design. Christiane Wyler began her career as a textile designer. After graduating in 1979 from the University of Muenchberg, Germany with a Diploma in Textile Design, she worked in Switzerland in a variety of industries.

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Japanese Advertisement: Hello, 1967. Suntory Whisky. 1966

The Gurafiku archive of Japanese graphic design is a collection of visual research surveying the history of graphic design in Japan.

1,200名さまに当たる!イオン×花王 夏の生活応援フェア | イオンスクエア

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