These are absolutely adorable! Made with 11"x 8.5" card stock. No cutting only folding. Use different colors/patterns and scrapbooking supplies to decorate the bags for different holidays and gifts. Cute way to do homemade treats as a gift.

DIY Origami Mini Gift Bag Tutorial from Silveys Craftroom here. The actual bag is made out of an uncut (just folded) piece of x 11 card stock. First seen at EPBOT here. For more origami DIYs go here.

organizer = Frame + fabric glued in layers to make pockets . Do this for the kitchen !! to organize mail and bills as they come in! SOUNDS like such a good idea. OR for by the front door mail organization and to do list. --or magnets on the back to put on the fridge

DIY- desk organizer or a way to organize mail and events! - cheap frame & fabric: great for desk, fun project or gift idea for tween/teens.

オリジナル ショップ カードのボタン 12 アンティーク シルクのレース ドーセットのセット

Set of 12 Antique Silk Lace Dorset Buttons on Original Store Card