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Mosquito Repellent Plants: 25 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes Naturally!

We have no screens around our porch so we use mosquito repellent plants to keep those pesky insects away. Here is a list of 25 plants that repel mosquitoes!

Birdbaths to Enhance Your Landscape

Add life to your yard by installing a birdbath. You'll be rewarded with fluttering, splashing and birdsong—and a piece of garden art you can use in creative ways.

23 Imágenes que te harán cuestionar toda tu existencia

Vivimos en un mundo llenos de WTFs.


Indoor Tropical Plants

Giant bromeliad bed, Hotel Bougainvillea

A bed of bromeliads in the garden at Hotel Bougainvillea. These were about 5~6-ft tall (the camera was at eye-level with me standing up!). The giant bromeliad in the center I think is Alcantarea imperialis rubra.

Whimsical DIY Upcycled Gardens with Farmhouse Style - The Cottage Market

Come on in and experience some Wonderful and Whimsical DIY Upcycled Gardens with Farmhouse Style. I can't tell you how much fun all of these creations are! Enjoy and be INSPIRED!

15 Best Smelling Houseplants To Perfume Your Home

Plants are an excellent way to be close to nature. If you have a fragrant plant at your home, they not only help to uplift the mood, but also make the atmosphere truly wonderful! We’ve picked 15 of the best smelling indoor plants, and some of the all-time favorites to share with you in this […]

Rhapis excelsa (Rhapis Palm)

Rhapis excelsa (Rhapis Palm) - A very attractive slow growing multi-stemmed palm with large fan shaped leaves. A fantastic indoor pot plant. In tropical and subtropical climates it can be grown in sheltered positions in the garden.

30 Fresh and Calming Tropical Garden Ideas - tropical garden ideas

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Buy Silvery Sunproof Liriope Plants - FREE SHIPPING - 18 Count Flat of 4

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