Dragon Roll Sushi Recipe- Yes this is so good! Had dragon rolls from zen in Lawrenceville and they were delicious!

Volcano Roll Sushi by userealbutter #Sushi #Volcano_Roll

volcano roll sushi: crab, avocado, cucumber roll topped with spicy tuna, masago, sriracha mayo and wasabi mayo. I want to eat sushi all day.


My famous Swedish fish & rice krispie treats sushi. Took the left over rice from sushi night and created these sweet treats!

Pioneer Woman: Tortilla Rollups that look a little like sushi. Yummy and fresh!  Fun and easy dinner idea for the kids - they can pick their own fillings. :)  Also might taste great using cream cheese, salsa, and a little finely shredded cheese as the "spread", then add taco fillings.

Tortilla Rollups

Sushi inspired turkey / veggie roll ups - its the home made herb cream cheese that makes it over the top yummy! - Looks like lunch.

Bacon Wrapped Sushi by #Appetizer #Sushi #Bacon

Bacon Wrapped Sushi - This faux “Japanese” dish will change the way you eat authentic sushi…forever! Replacing the thin Nori wrapper with fatty strips of bacon does violate the sushi law, but who the heck cares? This tasty treat serves as a meal in itself


Caterpillar Roll

Caterpillar Roll Recipe --~>>Caterpillar Rolls have sweet and savory unagi with crunchy cucumber on the inside, and creamy avocado on the outside

Sushi Bar

New York City Wedding by Christian Oth Studios


Sushi does taste better in Japan// I WILL prove this for myself someday, until then, I will continue to eat and enjoy the best sub-standard sushi I can find.

Temari Sushi is a casual sushi you can make at home and is named after the children's toy ball.

Temari Sushi

The Japanese version of savory cupcakes !) Temari Sushi is a casual sushi you can make at home and is named after the children's toy ball. So pretty! by justonecookbook


Sushi Market on

I want to try sushi. Gluten Free and Oh So Good. Add some crunch with a side of Flatbreads only from Absolutely Gluten Free.

Sushi wedding cake; YES PLEASE! :)

Sushi meets Candy meets Molecular Gastronomy

A sushi wedding cake would be the most spectacular thing in the world. EXCEPT the smell, and I would eat it all.-) Maybe a sushi anniversary cake just for me.

Sushi Bowl

~Lazy Sushi cup sweet brown rice cup shelled edamame beans cucumber small avocado spring onions tsp fresh ginger juice tbsp brown rice vinegar tbsp soy sauce tsp wasabi paste tbsp sesame oil tbsp black sesame seeds nori sheets **I'd delete the edamame


Japanese Tea Party Birthday

These sweet 'sushi' rolls are made with Rice Krispies treats, Fruit Roll-Ups, and fish-shaped gummies for a fun birthday party treat! I'm going to eye balls, gummy worms, and spiders for holloween.