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HDC神戸 スマイル弁当コンテスト ー特別賞ー

bento2012 by kirstenreese    This comes from the first bento blog I found, which was the start of my own bento journey.

Pack one of these grin-inducing, healthy kids' lunch ideas. We show you simple ways to send them off to school with a smart lunchbox!


Symmetry Fuck Yeah! First try at it as well.

Kiiroitori omelette rice bento

Kiiroitori omelette rice bento - rice wrapped with omelette

London Bento

This is such an adorable bento box. Makes me want to start making bento boxes for myself.

Kiiroitori SUSHI

Kiiroitori SUSHI-- you can find a recipe for Japanese omelette in the Sushi Chef Cookbook!

cat onigiri


Bento with Barrel Cats! "Barrel-shaped rice balls (often included in bento) looked to me like they had the potential to be made into something more. cat-like. Recipe by annnnn"

Spring Sakura Viewing Rabbits Kyaraben Bento by てしぱん

Spring Sakura Viewing Rabbits Kyaraben Bento by てしぱん (Rice, Ham, Hanpen White Surimi Cake, Nori Seaweed, Sesame Seeds)