Raymond Loewy #iconicdesigner

French-born American industrial designer who, through his accomplishments in product design beginning in the 1930s, helped to establish industrial design as a profession. "I believe one should design for the advantage of the largest mass of people, first and always. (...) I think one also should try to elevate the aesthetic level of society."
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Raymond Loewy

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Loewy Coke dispenser - “Loewy keeps one eye on the imagination and one eye on the cash register.

Beautiful function – Raymond Loewy

By the late Loewy employed over 140 people and ran a giant design firm executing designs for major clients across the country.

1936 'streamliner' Hupmobile mascot designed by Raymond Loewy

A rare 1936 'streamliner' Hupmobile mascot designed by Raymond Loewy, chrome plated with red painted highlights, in long, .

Raymond Loewy

Designed by Raymond Loewy Associates, The Hallicrafters Company Design and Research Team Communications Receiver (model 1947