Li Ying Zhi 李颖芝

More hot photos of the second outfit of Li Ying Zhi 李颖芝 at the Auto China 2012 event, and sexy car shots in hot bikini.

♡ #AMEdition ☆☆☆ Li Ying Zhi (李颖芝)

i'm not Asian, i'm not a model. (this is not to 'glorify' anorexia or bulimia or sick-thin girls!

Li Ying Zhi (李颖芝)

In this guise, the Modern Girl expresses male disillusionment with modernity, fears of female subjectivity, and fears of the alienation that accompanies the urban, cosmopolitan world.

New Photo of Supermodel Li Ying Zhi

Just released today, here is a new photo of China's top supermodel Li Ying Zhi sans makeup. Related: 2012 Beijing Auto Show Model Li Y.

Li Ying Zhi

These are the latest photo shoots of popular Chinese babe Li Ying Zhi 李颖芝. What do you think of Li Ying Zhi’s new pictures?

li ying zhi

li ying zhi

Li Ying Zhi 李颖芝 Hot Lingerie Outfits Part 2

Second part of popular Chinese model Li Ying Zhi’s 李颖芝 latest lingerie sets. Li Ying Zhi dons two sexy lingerie outfits and hot white high heels.