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I really like this business card design idea. Very interesting. Just need fold the card a bit and you can get a bouquet of flowers. Very creative idea.

Mont Fuji tissues pouch

Mount Fuji Tissue Holder A Mt. Fuji inspired tissue case by designer Tomohiro Ikegaya. The design is completed when a tissue is pulled.

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The Lotus Seed and Red Date Tea for the traditional Chinese wedding tea ceremony. The tea bags themselves are wrapped within the folds of the two entwined Chinese characters for “happiness,” producing a pattern signifying “double happiness.

Modern Business Cards 捻じる名刺‼これは面白いけど、一度曲げてしまったら、よじれは直るんでしょうか?シンプルな名刺ですね

Twist to Read Business Card Business cards designed for a Yoga instructor. User has to twist the card to read the entire message.


Create clever compositions by letting the image determine type placement. 50 Beautifully Illustrated Graphics With Tips To Make You A Better Designer – Design School


Very Minimalistic Design: This washing powder packaging has been very popular. Now here's the rest of the story PD

Download our patterned templates to create your own graduation award ribbons for your graduates and scholars! All you need is some white paper and hot glue

Graduation Award Ribbons

School is out for the summer, so celebrate your kids’ scholastic achievements with a sweet little gesture. Present them with these DIY graduation award ribbons, courtesy of Something Turquoise.

400+ Creative Business Card Design Inspiration | Logo Design Blog

This is the business card of Jungeschachtel (young box), a packaging company from Germany. The outside of the card is laminated whereas the inside is in ma