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🌟🌟🌟🌟French bread slices are topped with garlic butter and a fresh tomato-basil topper for this grilled appetizer. Toss tomatoes & basil in balsamic too. Try with fresh mozzarella yum!

Japanese Food

Japanese Food Hitsumabushi is a tasty dish of chopped grilled eel on a bed of rice in a lacquerrware container called a Hitsu. mix with green onion and Wasabi, or pour broth over the eel and rice

Japanese Bento Box Lunch お弁当

Grilled salted salmon bento box, featuring sides of pan-fried wieners, tamagoyaki, seasoned rice, and snap pea & mushroom saute

Linda Pugliese's Chicken Soup with Poached Eggs - http://www.sweetpaulmag.com/food/linda-puglieses-chicken-soup-with-poached-eggs #sweetpaul

Linda Pugliese's Chicken Soup with Poached Eggs

Lovely detailed chicken family bento box.

Lunch - of character valve diary ☆ HDC Kobe Smile lunch contest ~ ☆


Obaku @obakudenmark Finally it's Frid...Instagram photo

dry fruit and black cherry jam cabbage gratin broccoli and snap peas yogurt in hot sand remaining stew of breakfast purple cabbage and sausage with fried