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In his childhood Putin was fond of Soviet spy films and dreamed of working in state security.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin delivers a speech during opening ceremony for the Year 2000 celebrations in Moscow, Russian Federation on December 1999

Love this man! so much, the worlds strongest Leader.

Love this man! so much, the worlds strongest Leader.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends the annual military parade at Red Square May 2006 in Moscow, Russia. Russians are celebrating the anniversary of the Day of Victory over Nazi Germany during WWII.

SS Tank commander

Probably from the SS Panzer Grenadier Division Totenkopf. Note the tank killer badge on the right sleeve, awarded for single handedly destroying an enemy tank with a hand held weapon. Location unknown, date unknown ~ Vengeance_Lord

“ SS-Untersturmführer Werner Wolff photographed with the Knight’s Cross in Wolff, the battle-tested adjutant to Joachim Peiper (III./SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 2 “LAH"), took over a.