Bird sandwich

Kids Meal Idea: Chick Sandwich (Buns, Tamagoyaki Egg Omelet, Boiled Carrot, Nori Seaweeds, Green)|小鳥サンド Maybe with cheese instead of egg?

牛乳パックでできる!ミニ食パンを作ってみよう! | レシピサイト「Nadia | ナディア」プロの料理を無料で検索


Matcha Milk Bread Turtles With Chocolate Dutch Crunch

Switch up your boring bread recipe + make these adorable matcha milk bread turtles with a chocolate dutch crunch top.

【ELLE a table】パン・ド・カンパーニュのタルティーヌレシピ|エル・オンライン


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まるでベーカリー? nahoさんの朝食スタイルが素敵 - macaroni

まるでベーカリー? nahoさんの朝食スタイルが素敵 - macaroni

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Apple Bread

Apple Bread

This bread is made using Kogyoku or Johnathan apples. I formed the dough into cute apple shaped buns too. I think kids and adults alike will love these. The sweet-sour taste of the simmered apples is highlighted in these rolls.