DSC04620 by moderntime, via Flickr interesting~ half of Chinese words but still can get the full idea, and leave space for EN words

In the Traditional character for book 書 the English word “book” replaces the bottom half of the character,while in the second character for tea 茶,the word “tea” fills in.

This is what we call japanese style hotel " Ryokan ", this ryokan is " Sanga Ryokan "in japan. the pic is the entrance of the "Sanga Ryokan", once you get through this entrance, you will have never-experienced one, I guess. #japan #ryokan #japanese_style_hotel

Japanese Inn, Kurokawa Onsen Hot Springs, Kumamoto, Japan 黒川温泉 Maybe one day i can go there.

Japanese hot spring in Seiryuso(Rendaiji-onsen,Shizuoka)

Love this water fountain for the soaking tub .Japanese hot spring in Seiryuso(Rendaiji-onsen,Shizuoka)