As you can see; I love kimono! Especially vintage/retro style. I love modern/harajuku style, too, but Taisho roman rules my heart, lol. I'm always looking to make some great kimono loving friends!

ブラック(黒)とレッド(赤)のモダンでレトロポップな振袖 | 振袖レンタル・購入「ふりそでMODE」by ウェディング・ボックス

ブラック(黒)とレッド(赤)のモダンでレトロポップな振袖 | 振袖レンタル・購入「ふりそでMODE」by ウェディング・ボックス


The motif on this yukata could be wisteria, willow branches or some kind of nadeshiko flower, but it’s pretty hard to tell.

Kimono-hime issue 10. Fashion shoot page 4. by Satomi Grim, via Flickr

Kimono Hime book 10 scan by Satomi Grim. An apron and no juban, with wrinkled kitsuke, high heels, straw hat and drooping sleeves, gives this kimono the look of a dress (in the kitchen?) rather than a rigidly constructed stiff garment.