Japanese Bento Boxed Lunch

Japanese Bento Box featuring grilled sesame pork atop a bed of rice, pickled ginger, stewed kabocha squash, and broccoli & tomatoes

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How To Make Bento お弁当の作り方

Rice Ball Bento おむすび弁当 - shiso, salmon and nappa/lunch meat with a side of chikuwa, strawberries

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・煮豚 煮卵 ・ピリ辛たたききゅうり ・卵焼き(鶏そぼろ入り) ・エビのバジルソースソテー ・大根と人参の煮物 ・さつま芋の甘煮

Hard boiled egg, steak, shrimp, zucchini, snap peas and rice adult bento

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Bento box featuring miso-flavored meat rice balls, sweet & sour chicken & sweet potatoes, tamagoyaki, spicy sesame mushrooms & bok choy, and fresh fruit.