Japanese tea ceremony using Matcha: note the whisk  #matcha #matchtea #japan #japanesetea #greentea #teaceremony #whisk

thekimonogallery: “ Japanese tea ceremony by Takao Tsushim ” Little Known Catholic History Fact: It was St. Francis Xavier who gave Japan the tea ceremony and introduced the drink to the rest of the.

Japanese tea ceremony, Sado 茶道

The tea ceremony is a form of Japanese cultural expression that unites the spiritual discipline, traditionalist art and brings people through socialization and sharing.

Japanese modern tea room


茶室 tea house, where to show proper respect for nature, one must bow one's head to see out the window

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Japanese tea ceremony The amazing art of making tea in Japan. Something I have witnessed as a little girl. I wish I appreciated it back then as I do now.


The Glass Tea House Mondrian. Hiroshi Sugimoto + New Material Research Laboratory 2014