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Fragments of architecture

Completed in 2014 in Shenzhen, China. Images by Benoit Florençon. LineHouse was commissioned to design a delicatessen in Shenzhen. The deli is conceived from both inside and out as an intricate casing, nestled.

Men's Creative Layering & Juxtapositions Outfit Inspiration Lookbook - Wear Your Basics In An Unexpected Way

Sweatshirts worn as t-shirts, with nothing underneath, denim shirts worn as jackets, a leather biker instead of your blazer, or even just a bold coloured pair of socks… look back into the taboos you broke in the past to inspire new ones. via Fashion Beans




Feeling a coming on get over it in style with the a dapper suit and the essential sunglasses. Go undercover around the city and spy like you mean it

Fashion for men: for an ultra sophisticated editorial look break out the suit go down to the city and incorporate glass and high rise buildings.