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a Japanese wooden shoe with a thong to pass between the first (big) toe and the second toe.

十二単 もっと見る

Ceremonial dress of Japan,"十二単". The noble first formal dress after 894 A. The name of the kimono is a ”junihitoe”.

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Male Yukata - how to dress tutorial - Traditional japanese male summer costume // complete with kiku honda that is some gOOD SHIT RIGHT THERE

4 髪飾りの種類とさしかた…花魁の場合

Nihongami: Oiran/Taiyu hairstyle structure, by Penta Like many Japanese traditional hairstyles, Oiran’s trademark “butterfly” hairdo (named hyogo) can be deconstruct in 4 parts:

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Victorian to Art Deco colored celluloid combs with stones, with one Japanese metal hair pin and one Chinese metal trembler hair pin with semi-precious stones and kingfisher feathers. LOVE VINTAGE HAIR COMBS, they were so beautiful



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