♂ zen perfumes packaging

Zen Perfume Packaging Design Talk about a zen idea and here is one that tops the list. The designs are original simple and as zen teaches are without the elements that are not required. The clever use of glass and plastic makes the feel of the product or

LOVE! Fast Food packaging that is too cool!

[Packed Food On The Go] Interesting Forms. Fast Food packaging that is too cool! Several versions of the pin but this is the most popular PD

Quartz Champagne (Student Project) by Max Molitor & Cajza Nyden

Quartz Champagne (Student Project)

Quartz Champagne (Student Project), Designers: Max Molitor & Cajza Nyde This package for the wine was designed by students in Sweden. Their goal was to create a easier way to carry wine around and a better/safer way for it to ship.

Sea Glass Soap Stones – The Colossal Shop

High design accessory for spa-like bathroom….PELLE — NEW: Special Set of 3 Stacking Soap Stones: Sea Glass/Pine Mint

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