Hongo, Bunkyo city, Tokyo  本郷三丁目菊坂通り路地裏

Back alley - Hongo, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo 本郷三丁目菊坂通り路地裏


(Open rp) Dying Moon sat on her own. The wound had healed quite well but it still stung when she moved, she wasn't too far from Shadow, Ash and Smoke

eh bah nous aussi, on a un p'tit chat noir e, (c'est encore un mâle devenu…

Toshima city, Tokyo

"We often go on patrol together" Toshima city, Tokyo 豊島区 Photo by Marone.

Tateishi, Katsushika city, Tokyo

Tateishi, Tokyo 立石 Photo by Tsukinosabaku つきのさばく