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DIY home decor: Handmade Home Decor Light Bulb Oil Lamp on Pyramid natural concrete and Black Rock Base, Aluminum top bulb

Japanese Floating Vase

Awesome Products: Japanese floating vase looks like a ripple categories: Awesome Products, Design

#薯條 #番茄醬

I thought of that This fried potato package design incorporates a pocket wherein you can squeeze your ketchup, thereby making it easy for you to dip your fried potatoes in the ketchup. Pretty convenient and a cool design.

Paper + Book + Art | 紙 + 著作 + アート | книга + бумага + статья | Papier + Livre…

Love this idea! The Rembrandt Book Bracelet has won the 2015 Rijksmuseum Studio Award for objects inspired by books - by Lyske Gais and Lia Duinker

DIYに使用できる、ロンドン在住のデザイナーMicaella Pedrosさんが発表した画期的なテクニックをご紹介。ペットボトルを輪切りに切断して、木材にはめる。そしてヒートガンで熱する。そうすると少しずつ収縮して、段々と木材に密着する。


London-based social and humanitarian designer Micaella Pedros has found a way to give discarded plastic bottles purpose and she demonstrates it in her project called Joining Bottles.


Swings by Philippe Malouin for Caesarstone

How about this in fellowship hall - Ha! London designer Philippe Malouin has used solid-surface material Caesarstone to form the seats of twelve swings arranged in a circle - beautiful

ガラスのカン とても綺麗だと思うし、全部の缶がこうなればいいのにと見たとき思った。飲み物が美味しくよりみえるとおもう

style-is-vital: Chloe - style-is-vital (matte & sequins)

ガラスのカン とても綺麗だと思うし、全部の缶がこうなればいいのにと見たとき思った。飲み物が美味しくよりみえるとおもう

マクドナルドのクリエイティブな広告20選2 | ONE PROJECT

McDonald’s Night Light “Open 24 hours. I don't even really like McDonald's, and I don't know who use this, but this is kind of awesome.

Measure by Fabrice Le Nezet Photo

Measure by Fabrice Le Nezet

Measure by Fabrice Le Nezet - a concrete and metal physical representation of the idea of measure. "The objective was to 'materialize' tension in a sense, to make the notions of weight, distance and angle palpable.

SHE Design Studio : Myk Clock

To know more about SHE Design Studio Myk Clock, visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over 1 other SHE Design Studio items too!