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Matt Schmidt  Kinda makes me want to break the law ;)

Guys hulking out of clothes or squeezing their bulging muscles into tight clothes. A muscle growth wonderland of guys ripping clothes their muscles have outgrown. Please visit these great Muscle.

“Gladiolus: strength of character, honor, conviction #voltron”

TBH I am really REALLY hoping for a scene where Shiro gets his arm ripped off or something and we see either like a stumpr or just the remnants of machinery stuck to his arm in like a final boss-fight or something

Futuristic concept weapon E-mag by peterku - sci-fi energy pistol/revolver #gun

Concept of sci fi pulse rifle. Quite busy these days but Ive been able to make this one concept along. It is energy equipment. No projectiles at all. Battery is socketed in rear sections beh.