Reina Tsushima

Reina Tsushima

とりあえずはじめてみました~ワク(((o(*゚∀゚*)o)))ワク 趣味は写真撮ることと洋服を作ること。作った服を着てポトレ撮ってもらったりもします\(//∇//)\ ジャンプとサンデー読者! あと最近は特撮がアツイ。 FB初心者すぎてよくわからないことばっかりですがよろしくです~!
Reina Tsushima
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[tutorial video]  [free template] --------------------------------------------------- 宝箱のポップアップカードです(o^-^o)  ★作り方動画(日本語版)→ ★日本語版の型紙 →  --------------------------------------------------- Kagisippo作

Templates and instruction video for making this card, but I would just make the treasure chest part as a teeny tiny box.


too bad the link doesnt work but the pictures do kinda explain everything Photo Letters. Going to put all photos of both sides of the family and put these on the shelf we are building above the bed

Or if you don't have time to DIY, you can always order these beautiful handmade letters from etsy.  Letter can also be customized for a certain theme, (love, wedding...)

Ok this is even better than the wine cork wreath. I love this! Help me Adams? do you think we can drink enough wine on Christmas break to get this many corks? Craft Ideas,Crafts,Do Me,Ha