Francois Langur babies are orange during their first year of life, it lets the family know that they are just babies so they should go easy on them.

San Francisco Zoo: infant Francois' langur, born September Photo taken by Paul Chamberlain.

Japanese Koi Fish (Carp) Shaped Shrimp Sushi

Japanese Koi Fish (Carp) Shaped Shrimp Sushi: Combining two of my favourite themes, this sushi is a must. (My most favourite of all is amaebi, sweet shrimp, have you tried it?

Sushi restaurant in Gion, Kyoto 寿司割烹

Sushi restaurant in Gion, Kyoto 寿司割烹.damn these food pictures are making me light-headed.

Japanese Sakura-mochi 桜餅

Japanese Sakura-mochi 桜餅 ~ consisting of sweet pink-colored rice cake with a red bean paste center, and wrapped in a pickled cherry blossom leaf

sushi 寿司

Shoyu provides the finishing touch for delicious sushi. Use fresh soy sauce when you eat sushi !

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