A matte gradient for Halloween! Nailpolis Museum of Nail Art | Halloween nails | Red & Black Gradient by TREVIGINTI

A matte gradient mani perfect for fall, Halloween or the bad girl inside you! Reminds me of Snow White! Red Black Gradient by TREVIGINTI

gorgeous wedding photo

** Something about this picture just makes me smile! I love the background, the pose, the way the dress falls, the bouquet to the ground. This photo is like the groom is walking the bride over the threshold.

The Earth at Night

The Earth at Night. Where can we go to see the stars with all this light pollution?


Angels love you and are here to guide you, if you ask. When you become in tune w/your guides & angels (& reject the manipulative dark ones pushing your wounding) you will notice the signs they give to you to guide you through your day.

angels .

“If I had to live my life again, I'd make the same mistakes, only sooner.”~ Tallulah Bankhead Spatule rose dos by Patrick Chollet on

Valentine window display at Tiffany, London www.retailstorewindows.com


Valentine window display at Tiffany, London. This window display is really lovely. Those arrows all point to the necklace which is at the centre of heart. It creat a focus point and repetition which can easily let people see the necklace.

Leather journal

Rustic wedding idea: use rope-closured, leather bound journal as guest book. As a journal for your partner to read the night before wedding (I love you because.

gorgeous dress

fairytale dress stunning wedding gown roses lace tulle Idea: probably tulle rosettes to the tiers of the Quartz Kirstie Kelly dress.