Shiba Inu catching rain drops in the rain! Many rains. Much wet.

Japanese Shiba Inus

Yes, these are Shiba Inus, hopefully the person who pinned this discovers Hatchi was an Akita, the most majestic of the Japanese breeds and the most aloof. "Japanese Shiba Inus, my favorite breed of dog since reading and watching the story of Hachiko.


The Hottest New Dog Trend Is "Shiblings," Shiba Siblings

どこに埋めたかなー - まとめのインテリア


Shiba Inu puppy at the beach - this will be our puppy bobby. first time at the beach burying their head in the sand.

Shiba Inu in Japanese shop

Trudy is planning on opening her own business. It will sell only the finest rice candy and mochi. And she will personally assure this by licking each item. That's what you get for buying candy from a dog, sucka.


Our Shiba used to do this every time we'd come home:) shiba smile (flat ears) <'.'> Looks smug and I like it! Planning something nefarious!

sleepy shiba inu puppy

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Flying Shiba Inu An adorable Shiba Inu Dog floating on the air.