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Samurai archer.

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徳川慶喜 (とくがわ よしのぶ) 江戸幕府第15代 最後の将軍1866~1867 Tokugawa Yoshinobu (1837-1913) of the General of 15th Tokugawa shogunate government. Yoshinobu which practices the bow.

sparrowdreams: Tokugawa the and last Tokugawa shogun. Shown practicing archery Because after a distinguished career of political lameness and an expensive taste for imported pork, the only thing left was hobbies– and bowler hats.

Rural children, some carrying babies, in Old Japan

Books Published by T. Old Japan.

The woman with a child on her back is wearing a "hanten" (half-coat), a garment worn commonly by both men and women from the Edo Period. She is also wearing an apron so that her kimono will not get dirty. About by photographer Usui Shuzaburo

スバル 360 (愛知県)

「スバル サンバー 1960s」の画像検索結果