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A. Andrew Gonzalez Art #artpeople

Andrew Gonzalez Art :The work of internationally renowned artist A. Andrew Gonzalez can be found in museums, galleries and collections.

Female Spiral Plaque (x2) - David Burnham Smith - Ceramic Artist

David Burnham Smith Ceramic Artist - a web site dedicated to the work of David Burnham Smith, demonstrating his achievements in the field of ceramic fine art.

All Fluffed Up and Ready to Go - Anita Jeram

thisgraphicslove: “All Fluffed Up and Ready to Go - Anita Jeram ”

Girl on the Beach (1896) by Edvard Munch. (via: my-ear-trumpet: musicophilia: blueruins)

Young Woman on the Beach, 1896 by Edvard Munch. Young Girl on the Beach is a gentler meditation on loneliness. The man is removed from the scene, and our gaze rests solely on the fragile figure of the girl, lost in a reverie as she looks out to sea.

1451 #プリン caramel pudding #illustration #hedgehog #イラスト #ハリネズミ #なみはりねずみ

1451 #プリン caramel pudding #illustration #hedgehog #イラスト #ハリネズミ #なみはりねずみ

wasbella102: By Peter Cross An “aw” moment. Captures imagination. xo

Drawing by Peter Cross.hedgehogs are the gardeners' friend because they eat slugs, beetles, caterpillars and insects.and they do no harm. This is such a cute illustration!

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