tea & coffee brand packaging

The Adventurous Blends of William Whistle

Beautifully Victorian-esque packaging -- yet MUCH cleaner than Victorian style! Adventures of William Whistle popular tea & coffee brand packaging PD


Cobra Wit Co-branding between danish brewery Halsnæs Bryghus and Galleri Liisberg. The beer is a limited edition belgian wheat beer with orange peel and coriander made specially for Galleri Liisberg.

Air Pano by Anna Paschenko, via Behance

Air Pano by Anna Paschenko, via Behance Creation of 9 animated pop-up book pages…

GGRP Sound: Cardboard Record Player - award 2010

This cardboard record player fits nicely into an envelope for easy mailing. Once it is assembled, a record can be spun on it using a pencil and the shape of the cardboard amplifies the vibrations to make the record play.