Johnny Ninos

Jewelry workshop with view from Johnny Ninos. This would make you long to go to work!

neat white bedroom - my ideal home...

Wooden floorboards and large windows - my dream for a bedroom - simple and stylish and beautiful white bedding, interior inspiration

beautiful, beautiful soul ... Irish wolfhound

Resembling a larger, coated Greyhound, the Scottish Deerhound is a keen and alert sight hound, seen often in lure coursing events and the show ring. One of the oldest breeds, the Deerhound possesses a preeminent hunting ability

Irish Wolfhound. I would love to have one.

My dream dog: an Irish Wolfhound. They're absolutely adorable as puppies and grow into even more adorable dogs. | Good weight to bear

Pat Murphy - Owner of Northwest Performance Dogs and manager of Lord Hill Duck Club. Master Dog Trainer by nwperformancedogs

This guy looks like me and I'd love to see this come about.

Daddy cuddles are in high demand. This will be Caleb and our child one day, and Ruger too he has to cuddle