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Piano Forest

I like the simplicity of this logo. It's cool how the trees also look like piano keys thus relating to the name Piano Forest.

Sale Ad

50 Creative and Unique Advertising Ideas and Design Inspiration for you advertising advertising creative advertising creative advertising creative adve

Smoking is Suicide- Noose

This anti-smoking ad adds to the many points that smoking kills. In this case, it depicts smoke forming a noose around the neck of an otherwise unaware woman. This shows that smoking slowly kills whether the smoker knows it or not.


James Lillis of Australia-based clothing shop Black Milk has designed Muscle Leggings, a pair of leggings that look like exposed leg muscle flesh.

Heart Vase

Ventricle Vessel Anatomically inspired heart-shaped glass vase created by Eva Milinkovic of Tsunami Glassworks.


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Benjamin Hubert, Electrolux Design Lab Jury Member

Benjamin Hubert, Electrolux Design Lab Jury Member

Behind Photographs(あの有名写真を撮った写真家の写真)

Behind Photographs(あの有名写真を撮った写真家の写真)

eye of the tiger awesomeness.

Three great song lyric posters by the Neighborhood Studio, with nice retro lettering and layout. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi Beat It by Michael Jackson NeighborhoodStudio — Products.