A writers best friend.

A writers best friend.

For all the writers out there it can be difficult finding the perfect emotion for your character, whether your character is sad, angry, or surprised those words can seem to get a bit boring. so i introduce the Writer's Wheel of emotion. Enjoy - J.

How to Build a Self Feeding Fire

Self Feeding Fire Lasts 14 Hours Watch The Video

The summer is a time for enjoying the outdoors. It always means campfires, grill, games and relaxing. Camping is that fun activity you could consider in your summer plans. It can reenact some sweet childhood memories and you can make the best family memo

Paper sculpture by Will Kurtz

Paper sculpture by Will Kurtz I like combining cored paper and black and white print (diy paper sculpture)

Would you like to make your own wire hen sculpture? This step by step instruction booklet with over 20 photos takes you through the method I use to make

Wire Hen Sculpture PDF instructions & template

Wire Hen Sculpture PDF instructions & template by WireyCreatures

Mini Bouquet How-To – Found on Pepper and Buttons - Photos by: Piteira Photography

Mini Bouquet How-To!

Mini Bouquet How-To – Found on Pepper and Buttons - Photos by: Piteira Photography would be cute for flower girls

bag wire sculpture

My Life as a Purse: Sally Prangley: Metal Purse - Artful Home



crochet-covered Chinese lanterns, a big cluster all over the overhang over my balcony would be lovely!

Crochet Chinese lantern, can add beaded lace appliques to colored lanterns


Will Kurtz, figurative artist and sculptor

Paper Mache Recipes | Ultimate Paper Mache

Paper mache paste recipes, including raw paste, boiled paste, and gluten free - plus two special paste recipes that Jonni uses to make her masks.


Top 20 DIY Diwali decoration ideas using art and craft

上品で可愛いレースを会場装飾に使いたい*100均材料でDIYできる『レースバルーン』って知ってる♡?にて紹介している画像 もっと見る

上品で可愛いレースを会場装飾に使いたい*100均材料でDIYできる『レースバルーン』って知ってる♡?にて紹介している画像 もっと見る