These snack ideas are ADORABLE! Some people are so clever! I never would have thought of all of these amazing food art ideas, but they really are creative!

50+ Adorable Kids Snack Ideas

because i have so much time to create food art! N on the couch all day kinda moms right now so hey let's make art my favorite!

Carrot Patch Dirt Pudding Cups | These would be so cute on an Easter dessert table!

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Carrot Patch Dirt Pudding Cups These would be so cute on an Easter dessert table, especially because of the tiny individual cups I used, but you could also use any small dessert glasses you have on hand.

These are too much fun. I need an occasion to make them.

Paint palette cookies and more Art Party ideas




Carrot and cucumber flower. So cute!

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funny food - lustiges essen für gross und klein creativ zubereitet

Girl and boy sausage sushi


Bear bread: that one sausage looks like a penis

かわいいお弁当を作りたい!すぐ実践できるコツ・キャラ弁の作り方|CAFY [カフィ]

Hornworm hot dog and edamame

Cute food

C'est beaucoup plus qu'un simple maki


* Saucisse knack coeur - sausage hot dog hears filled with egg centers Valentines breakfast ideas for kids ^^


Sharing my curry bentos from yesterday. Well, not exactly a bento, as they were served on plates instead. :P Bear deco curry, easy an.

Make breakfast (or brunch) with Banana French Toast Chicks. Too cute! | Bento Monsters

9 easy bento box art ideas anyone can make

Bento, Monsters: Kaya Banana French Toast Chick (cute and yummy!

Cute food

bento - maisland Mushroom ears and black olive eyes!

* Characters in Packed Lunches * Tamagoyaki Flower ✿

Tamagoyaki Flowers for Packed Lunches

Tamagoyaki Flowers for Packed Lunches - You can replace the ingredients with whatever you like. Besides ham, carrots would also work! (I guess we can call it easily "Beauty and the Health" .

chicks from eggs~ @Katy Sears and @Amy Gill for you deviled egg girls ;)

chicks from eggs bento

キャラ弁連載:初めてでも楽しく作れる♪3Dキャラ弁当 レシピブログ - 料理ブログのレシピ満載!

by Mai's smile kitchen