Ikko Tanaka Posters i loe the way an artist come up with a very strong and sophisticated poster design. Words have been placed in lines, bold and clear. Circles with different mediums an colours when he puts it together it looks amazing.

Later in his career Tanaka was responsible for creating the brand ethos for the now universal homeware manufacturers Muji, bringing the restrained aesthetics of Japanese homes to a vast global market.

Poster for Noh by Ikko Tanaka, Japan

Ikkō Tanaka, Japanese, The Sankei Kanze Noh, color screen print. © Estate of Ikkō Tanaka.

Ikko Tanaka, 1978

Ikko Tanaka, 1978 First of all, a very heartfelt thanks to all the readers who have been moved by our little Emma's illness to co.

Ikko Tanaka

The father of modern Japanese graphic design, Ikko Tanaka. So spare and elegant, they look like they weren’t designed at all… In honour of Ikko Tanaka, by Vladimir Chaika