Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan ////The serenity implied here is enough to encourage travel もっと見る

Teahouse in Kyoto, Japan

Hall lining the garden or courtyard. I like this one more than standard Japanese halls because the outside panels are glass instead of solid wood. You can still enjoy the outdoors on cold or wet days.

Autumn in Koto-in, sub-temple of Daitoku-ji, Kyoto, Japan

the approach to Koto-in at Daitoku-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan 大徳寺 高桐院

A monk at at Heirin-ji temple, Saitama.

A monk at Heirin-ji temple, Saitama, Japan. Heirin-ji is a Rinzai temple located in Niiza city, just outside of Tokyo.

Kenzo Tange (Japanese 1913 – 2005) | Tange Residence | Tokyo, Japan | 1951-1953

mahabis architecture // tange residence in japan. mixture of classic japanese architecture and modern design