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Beautiful And Original Product Designs

Just love this - imagine this for a reading chair. Not a wheelchair as the name suggest but a rocking chair. The Rocking Wheel-Chair

Creative Kitchen Products

Stainless Steel Pineapple Easy Slicer, Corer - this looks amazing! i would eat so mch more pineapple if it was this easy to prep


Domino shares the best multifunction furniture to make space in your small apartment. Discover multifunctional furniture for small bedrooms. When decorating a small space, using multifunctioning and versatile furniture is an important design tip.

creative products

Native Union Moshi Moshi Curve Bluetooth Wireless Handset and iPhone Dock (High-Gloss Black)


Use a clothes pin for your toothbrush when traveling to prevent it from touching sinks(Cheap Camping Hacks)


JStory Cable Tie, maybe i could make something similar, good idea


Cut off the handle part of a discarded plastic jug, and use it as a scoop/shovel/dustpan. - good for poop scoop


Feno Foldable Notebook with Flexible OLED Screen by Nielsvan Hoof

weird-science11.jpg (640×360)

To Funny to pass up hipster earmuffs. or the funniest thing i've ever seen.

Funny-Strange-Product-Computer-protection1.jpg (600×436)

Privacy scarf - so people can’t see what you’re looking at. Good thing - you wouldn’t want them to stare.

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If you’ve ever wished for a “hand” to leave behind so that your baby would feel as if you’ve never left the room, your prayers have been answered with the Zaky Infant Pillow. It simulates a Mother’s Hand.