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The standard, hard CD cover. Effective because it is sturdy and not easily broken or bent. With a nice, modern design it could be cool and sell well for anyone.

Design: Bass Clef

These Are Some of The Most Beautiful Album Covers We've Found - And Here's What You Can Learn From Them

Bass Clef - Raven Yr Own World EP cover design / artwork by Kathryn Politis & Bill Kouligas.


Skilled graphic design, gorgeous photography and brilliant packaging all come together in this minimal multimedia box set from Louie Vuitton Japan.



Works by Shintaro Imai “Figure in Movement”  |   The Simple Society   シンプル組合 - created via http://pinthemall.net

Works by Shintaro Imai - Figure in Movement : The Simple Society - Formagramma. - a grouped images picture

Perfect LifeYoga LINAlbumClient—HIM International Music Inc.Photographer—No.223Year—2011

Perfect LifeYoga LINAlbumClient—HIM International Music Inc.Photographer—No.223Year—2011

YUMIKO KOKONOE - Comet San - La Señorita Cometa.

コメットさん (Kometto-san), meaning "Miss Comet", a TV drama for children about a housemaid from another planet. Btw, the leading actress 九重祐三子 (Yumiko Kokonóe) wasn't an actress but a rock singer, which was an epoch at the time.

David Rudnick — ManMakeMusic

Laszlo Dancehall - A Gave UpB Ain't No Time : Man Make Music, . Label: Man Make Music. Find more tracks by Laszlo Dancehall and more releases on Man Make Music