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#12-Amazing Pictures of Goddess Lalitha Parameswari-Set 3

Wishing All Friends Very Divine and Holy Navarathri 2014 !! On the Occasion of Navarathri Festival, here are a few collection of pictures of Goddess Ambal in her different forms.. Amazing Pictures of Goddess Ambal – Set 1 Amazing Pictures of Goddess Lalitha Parameswari-Set2

Carving Cut In Rock Of Lord Shiva And The Goddess Parvati At Keshava Temple, Somnathpur, India

Somnathpur or Somanathapura is a small village located few kilometres away from Mysore; the focus of the place is the outstanding Keshena Temple, also known as Cassava or Chennakesava Temple; considered as a masterpiece of Hoysala architecture, this star-shaped temple was built during the 13th century AD during the reign of the Hoysala King Narasimha III; the monument surrounded by cloisters, consists of three accurately carved sanctuaries situated in the middle of a courtyard; the…

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SARASWATI DEVI ॐ Shri Krishna said: “The sky, due to its subtle nature, does not mix with anything, although it is all-pervading. Similarly, the soul situated in Brahman vision does not mix with the...

How to understand Lord Krishna?

By Sri Nandanandana dasa Sometimes people say that they want to see God, or that God is not perceivable. And this is confirmed in the Vedic scripture, but with additional points of instruction on how we can perceive the Supreme Being. The Svetasvatara Upanishad (4.20) explains “His form of beauty is imperceptible to mundane senses. No one can see Him with material eyes. Only those who realize, through deep pure-hearted meditation, this Supreme Personality, who resides in everyone’s heart…

A beautiful rendition of Jaya Radha Madhava / Hare Krishna by Henry Doktorski III / Hrishikesh Dasa (10 min mp3 file) Classical music arrangements and good sound quality. Listen to it here:...


🌺 GANGA DEVI ॐ 🌺 Shri Vishnu said: “If one utters...